Ser Universitario

Simulados de Inglês

1-) I _______________ have gone if I _______________ received your letter.

2-) (UNESP) Sue asked Barbara: "What movie do you want to see?" Sue asked her what movie ______________

3-) Peter’s wife said: “My husband wants me to sell my bicycle, but he won’t sell __________”.

4-) You'd catch the train if you _____ earlier.

5-) Which is the correct form?

6-) He'd been a businessman before he ___________ an actor.

7-) Where did you, Robert, hurt ________________?

8-) She said to me: "I'm washing my car."

9-) During the week I get up early ______ the morning anjd go to bed late ______ night, But normally _____ weekends I sleep _______ midday.

10-) Put into English : “Ele mesmo consertou seu portão”.